stretch ceiling in lagos
stretch ceiling

PVC Stretch ceiling is an innovative technology that can help beautify any space and save money in the process. Stretch ceiling has become more and more popular because it is easy to install and can be replaced with ease to keep up with new trends or if you have to move to a new place. Another major reason for its popularity is the fact that it is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

More information about the environmental benefits of using stretch ceiling over the traditional ones:

Fully Recyclable

Stretch ceiling is made from a material that is completely recyclable at any stage of its life. This means that the material can be reused or recycled so that someone else can use them, whether for a ceiling or another project. This helps to reduce the amount of waste accumulated after property demolition or during reconstruction.

Clean Air

No CFCs or HCFCs are emitted during the production of PVC stretch ceiling, helping to keep the air around the facilities clean, healthy, and breathable. This contributes to the overall health of the community and the beauty of the atmosphere. Many traditional ceiling materials do not benefit from the same air cleanliness.


PVC is extremely lightweight, making it easy to transport and install. This allows for more stretch ceiling to be loaded onto a truck, reducing emissions for the entirety of the transport. Many heavier ceiling materials must be split up among multiple trucks, making them a less friendly option when it comes to the environment

Conserves Water

The production of stretch ceiling does not require the use of water, so it is naturally a product that contributes to conservation. As water is one of the most vital substances in the world, it is important to preserve this integral natural resource.


Most stretch ceilings do not require the use of toxic cleaning products, making them even more of a benefit to the environment around it. It can be cleaned easily without chemicals, which makes for clean air and fewer byproducts.

Long Lifespan

Because the lifespan of many PVC stretch ceilings is over 20 years, it helps reduce the amount of energy put towards building a ceiling and reduces the waste associated with cleanup. A one-time install for 20 years of usefulness allows a home to remain green and environmentally friendly.