Church acoustics is a support service that brings acoustic space to life with total oblivion to the materials employed in achieving it, while savoring the good sound that it enhances. Sound is processed and reshaped for worse or better by the materials employed for the interior once launched into the air. These materials are great determinant of sound perception within such space as it reflects, absorbs or conducts such sound wave. An acoustic space that is under the negative influence of interior variables is presumed to be sound unfriendly.
Ironically, aesthetic and being maintenance friendly are the top criteria considered for choosing interior materials in most of the churches today. This explains why ceramic tiles, granite and marble of all shades, are preferred choices for church interiors, while the negative impact of the reflective and hard surfaces of such materials on sound are relegated to the background.
Jatos Kairos Products Limited therefore structured to identify and correct the oversight in materials employed, while we intend to proffer solutions in order to initiate sound friendly and aesthetically beautiful material and maintaining top class corrective measures for the Churches and other places that has reverberation challenges.
Many worship spaces have changed in design in the last decade to accommodate the larger numbers of worshipers in the congregation and the type of worship service being presented. The Sanctuaries are larger in size and volume. The music is more electronic in nature, but for the service, we still want an intimate environment.
Acoustics in a worship space is achieved by installing sound absorbing materials in the room, such as acoustical panels, to reduce sound room reverberation and echo in the various rooms for better speech intelligibility and clarity in music.