According to Wiki, Acoustic foam is an open-celled foam used for acoustic treatment. It attenuates airborne sound waves, reducing their amplitude, for the purposes of noise reduction or noise control. Acoustic foam can be made in several different colours, sizes and thickness and are of different types.

Acoustic foam can be used virtually anywhere you don’t want noise or want to improve the quality of sound in a place like church, home, school, theatres, corporate office, gymnasium, auditorium and many more. In this article, you will get to know more about the different types of acoustic foam.


This types of foam absorb sound only in a single direction and absorb sound waves efficiently thanks to the designs. for maximum sound absorption, the wedge foam should be position perpendicular to the expected propagation of the encroaching sound.

  • Prevents destructive specular reflection
  • Eliminate room modes, comb filtering, standing waves and undesirable artefacts.
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms

Wedge foam provides outstanding sound absorption qualities, a professional appearance and minimal installation effort.


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The egg-crate looks identical to pyramid foam with the only difference is with a rounded end instead of the sharp point. Eggcrate is good for a general foam to place on walls to decently stop both high and low frequencies. Egg-crate foam is one of the most affordable solutions for your soundproofing needs. However, this solution works fine on its own for a DIY project or a studio on a budget, but for those that need precision, we advise you to go for more expensive one than this.


This is similar to the wedge type, but with a pointed tip. Due to the four sides, rather than the two sides of the wedge, it provides extra diffusion. pyramid-shaped foam tends to have a lowered rate of absorbing lower frequencies in comparison to other types.

  • Prevents destructive specular reflection
  • Eliminate room modes, comb filtering, standing waves and undesirable artefacts.
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms

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Pyramid foam operates under the same principle of sound bouncing off the raised foam of wedge design.


These type of foam are always highly demanded by interior decorator and architects because of their elegant look. It is perfect for ceiling because they are aesthetically pleasing foams. Grid acoustic foam uses raised lines within the surface to redirect and absorb sound waves, vibrations, and diffuse feedback.

acoustic foam

  • Perfect for ceiling
  • Attenuates sound pressure build-up in rooms
  • Aesthetically appealing for modern design
  • Reduces standing waves


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Monitor isolation wedge can be placed under the monitor speakers to keep them from vibrating their sound frequencies through the objects they are sitting on and to keep them from moving as well.


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This foam offers high-quality echo absorption. Spade foam offers an attractive solution similar to smooth panels with better sound quality properties. It is adept at absorbing sound waves of various frequencies for a reliable option. While this option offers better sound quality performance than smooth textures, it should be noted that it is less effective than options such as pyramid or wedge.
Spade acoustic foam is reliable and yet affordable foam and it is great for larger spaces looking to cover a lot of walls.


This foam is used in a variety of applications, available in both rolls and sheets to meet your needs. It is made from reliable materials such as neoprene or polyethene. The sound barrier features a smooth appearance which is elegant to look at while offering a consistent result in terms of absorbing and reducing sound waves. For a clean and attractive solution, this is the perfect option.


Sound frequencies can be tricky to completely absorb or block. With the use of absorbers, you can achieve a better result in rooms both small and large when dealing with low frequencies. Since lower frequencies tend to be longer and they carry further, the use of absorbers is a great way to combat this concern. They come in different shapes such as rectangle, cube. These foam pieces are ideal for placement in the corners of rooms to absorb sounds.

There are many more of different types of acoustic foam, the use of this foams will be based on the purpose you intend using it for, Since the factors affecting sound quality are dependent on the location, the type of foam used, and other external influences, the best bet is to look at your situation individually.

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