Acoustic® Panel is a high performance sound absorbing panel made from thermally bonded recyclable polyester fibres. They contain minimum 80% post consumer PET, and are engineered to offer superior acoustic properties from mid to high frequencies.

The panels are light weight, semi rigid, highly durable and impact resistant.

Panels can be digitally printed to custom colours and patterns, in corporate or trade branding, safety messages or to create a 3D look with textured finishes. Many textiles can be laminated to this cost effective panel to suit home, commercial, education and retail interiors.

Its excellent acoustic performance along with the design flexibility, make AcoustiArt panels suitable for interior use, especially in wall and ceiling applications.

Panels can be offered pre-cut to various shapes and patterns to offer custom design options. All sheets are offered trimmed with a choice of facing options such as plain or printed, fabric faced or fabric wrapped. Panels can also be framed for modular partitioning in office environments.

AcoustiArt Panels can be used in conjunction with our other products, such as Profile, Bass Traps, Baffles, Diffusers to list a few, to effectively absorb a broad range of frequencies and help control room noise disturbances and provide a balanced acoustic and aesthetic solution.