A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track.
why everyone is obsessed about Stretch ceiling

Do you know why a lot of architects and designers all over the world are suggesting stretched ceilings to their clients over the other available options? That’s because this type of ceiling can be installed immediately. It’s low maintenance, reliable, cheap and comes in a wide array of designs and finishes. In this article, you will know the reason why everyone is obsessed with the stretch ceiling.

Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With Stretch Ceilings.

  1. FLEXIBILITY: Essentially a stretch ceiling is an elastic canvas. This means it is very flexible in how it can be used. It will accommodate any kind of lighting, ventilation or alarm system. It can also be shaped into a myriad of forms such as curves, waves, and arches. The choice of colours, textures, patterns or prints is pretty much unlimited.
  2. WATERPROOF: Did you know that stretched ceilings are made from PVC films? They are also waterproof, preventing rooms from the risk of flood and leaks. When a leak does take place, the ceiling extends to accommodate the water. After it’s removed safely, it returns to its standard form.
  3. ENERGY EFFICIENT: The air gap between the original ceiling and the stretched ceiling can help offer insulation. That can be boosted with the help of extra acoustic materials and insulation in the airspace.
  4. PRINTED CEILING: One of the most exciting aspects of a Stretch Ceiling is that you can print any design you want enabling you to create a real ‘wow’ factor for your business or home. Companies might want a unique ceiling showcasing their brand or best selling product. Blue skies with clouds are a popular choice for homes. No floor repair required!
  5. LOW MAINTENANCE: In case you didn’t know yet, stretched ceilings are pretty reliable and strong. We offer a 10-year guarantee for the stretched ceiling. They’re so simple to clean and don’t suffer from corrosion or damp too. Condensation does not settle and stretched ceilings don’t react to chemical agents such as detergents. You can rest assured that there’s no peeling, flaking or cracking of paint which you might anticipate with a standard plastered ceiling.
  6. LIGHTWEIGHT: Stretch Ceilings can be installed over existing construction.  the membrane weights less than 240g / m2, so it does not stress the existing construction.
  7. EASILY REPLACEABLE: Your stretch ceiling is connected to your walls via aluminium frames. This makes it incredibly easy to remove and replace if you want to update your design or change colour.
  8. ECOLOGICAL: They are 100% Recyclable.

There are almost no limits to the stretch ceiling technology. The ability to customize the membrane shape, colour and type to suit your needs is the main reason why people choose to use stretch ceilings over other, outdated ceiling types.

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