Loctite® Power Grab Adhesive is a non-toxic water-based adhesive that makes installation quick and easy by providing a strong permanent bond when applying acoustic panels and ceiling tiles to walls or ceilings. It offers easy clean up and is also compatible with polyurethane and melamine foam products. The 9-ounce tube will cover up to 16-24 […]


Green Glue Damping Compound is an ideal product for new construction and renovation projects. Use Green Glue damping compound to isolate sound and vibration between two layers of construction materials, most often between drywall.  It is the most popular and cost-effective soundproofing material on the market. The compound’s unique properties act as a damping material […]


PROBLEM: SOUND OR NOISE TRANSMISSION. SOLUTION: YOU SHOULD DECOUPLE & STRENGTHEN THE STRUCTURE Building a soundproof wall to block sound transmission requires materials that are mass loaded, dense and/or resilient. We use these materials in the construction assembly of a wall, floor or ceiling. We can achieve your sound blocking goals by using the materials outlined […]

Church Acoustics

Church acoustics is a support service that brings acoustic space to life with total oblivion to the materials employed in achieving it, while savoring the good sound that it enhances. Sound is processed and reshaped for worse or better by the materials employed for the interior once launched into the air. These materials are great […]

Jatos Kairos Acoustic Panels -Decorative AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel

Acoustic® Panel is a high performance sound absorbing panel made from thermally bonded recyclable polyester fibres. They contain minimum 80% post consumer PET, and are engineered to offer superior acoustic properties from mid to high frequencies. The panels are light weight, semi rigid, highly durable and impact resistant. Panels can be digitally printed to custom […]