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AlphaSorb® Foam Bass Trap is built to provide maximum broadband absorption and low frequency control for critical listening environments. These acoustic foam bass traps are commonly used in the broadcast and recording industries, as well as home theaters. Choose from either a flat or convoluted pattern and 2′ or 4′ heights for maximum design versatility.

Our AlphaSorb® Foam Bass Traps utilized a Class 1 fire-rated acoustical foam for use in both public and private spaces. The lightweight, wedge-shaped construction of the bass trap allows for easy corner mounting, either vertically or horizontally. These acoustic bass trap can simply rest on the floor in the corners, or you can adhere the trap with water-based foam construction adhesive.

NOTE: This product has been transitioned to a new manufacturing process. Material may vary slightly to previously ordered material.


  • Broadcast, Recording & Sound Studios
  • Production Facilities
  • Music Rehearsal Spaces
  • Home Theaters & Critical Listening Environments
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