Isolation Cup Mount

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AlphaIsolation™ Cup Mount is a high-grade neoprene isolation medium efficiently and economically reduces structure-born noise and resonant vibration. These isolation mounts are made to create a buffer between noisy machinery and floors.

These mounts provide a simple attachment method for machinery on casters up to a 3″ diameter or square legs up to 1″ square. AlphaIsolation™ Cup Mounts are available in weight capacities up to 225 lbs., 175 – 400 lbs., or 300- 625 lbs. per mount. The mounts are 1-1/2″ high with a 3-3/8″ outside and a 2-1/4″ inside diameter.

To install, simply place the cup mount underneath each leg of the unit you wish to isolate.

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