AlphaEnviro Ripstop Sound Baffle

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Our AlphaEnviro Ripstop Sound Baffle is a hanging sound absorbing baffles with a durable, abuse resistant finish. Suspended vertically, these acoustical baffles are used to reduce and lower excessive reverberation times (RT60) in large open spaces. The free hanging vertical suspension from ceilings allows the baffles to interrupt the path of the noise and reduce sound reverberation.



-Reduces echo and reverberation

-Improves speech intelligibility

-Exceptional acoustical performance

-Durable, abuse resistant finish

-Easy to maintain



Suspend baffles using coated wire/ties and other fastener as required. (See Installation Guide in Documents)

For best results, install this product at the end of your construction project

Do not install material of unacceptable quality or pre-install suspension hardware (grommet locations may vary slightly)

Store material out of direct UV sunlight



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